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felt christmas decor for mantel and fireplace

Christmas Collection 2022

The Flower Lane Christmas Collection is now available through Etsy. It's fun, bold, and colorful with a modern twist on traditional colors. This collection is limited so don't wait if...

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Paper Boats and Puddles

Paper Boats and Puddles

Our youngest loves jumping into 'muddy puddles' and looks forward to them every time it rains. Sometimes we'll have her put on her rain boots and take a short walk...

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custom birthday crowns for kids

Birthday Crown Care

It's important to me that your birthday crown lasts forever (really, I mean that!) and with that comes proper care. Each crown includes a small tag that gives you proper...

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Beginners sewing tools and tips

Must Have Sewing Tools

Two years ago I started my sewing journey and what a journey it has been! Before I purchased my sewing machine I didn't even know how to sew with a...

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