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Birthday Crown Care

It's important to me that your birthday crown lasts forever (really, I mean that!) and with that comes proper care. Each crown includes a small tag that gives you proper care instructions so be sure to hold onto it! 

Every crown is made from 100% linen which is a high quality fabric and durable, however, messes happen! 


How to Wash Linen


Although linen can be easily machine washed or dry cleaned we highly discourage you from going this route. Instead, hand washing is the way to go with your birthday crown. This almost guarantees the embroidery from being damaged. Always be sure to take extra care when scrubbing any stains off the embroidery to prevent snagging. 

Using a cloth and mild detergent will do wonders but we understand tough stains happen. We found Ms Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Remover to be a great alternative. Be sure to wash out the stain remover!


Once you've hand washed your personalized crown it should be placed flat to air dry. Padding it dry also helps but do not wring or twist as this may stretch the fabric. 


Linen is prone to getting wrinkly and that's truly some of it's beauty and authentic appearance. If you wish, you can iron your crown on medium-high setting with steam for a quick press. It will be nice and crisp just moments later. 


More Tips

Don't allow stains to sit too long. You want to get your linen crown washed as soon as possible to prevent the fibers from absorbing the stain. Some stains are tougher to remove than others and may require a bit more work. For example, red frosting with a cream linen crown may be difficult if not impossible to remove and something to keep in mind. 

Storing your linen in a cotton bag is our recommendation. Always be sure to completely dry your crown before storing to prevent mildew and damage. 


I hope these tips are helpful! 


how to wash linen

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