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Must Have Sewing Tools

Two years ago I started my sewing journey and what a journey it has been! Before I purchased my sewing machine I didn't even know how to sew with a needle and thread. I remember sitting at the dining table, attempting to sew my daughter's Girl Scout patches onto her vest. It was a miserable experience but I also know believe that making things with your hands is so very important in life.  

A few months later I gave sewing another try. I printed out a pattern of a Christmas Elf (something I wanted and couldn't afford to buy myself), headed to Joann's, and jumped right in. The experience was so rewarding, refreshing, and very educational. It taught me patience and how to read sewing patterns. The entire project took about 2-3 weeks to finish because every stitch was stitched by hand. A true labor of love that I hope my children will someday cherish. 

I felt so inspired that I looked for a sewing machine on Facebook Marketplace. My very first sewing machine was a $20 Singer. I remember purchasing it from an elderly lady who was so kind to bring it out to me. When I brought it home I felt intimidated and had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

After a few YouTube videos, I sat down with my daughter and we started to very slowly sew a straight line. It really wasn't easy - ha! I remember attempting to sew wavy lines and circles.. forget it! It was impossible at the time and in true Sarah fashion I jumped right in again and printed out an other sewing pattern - bloomers! I think this is when I truly fell in love with sewing.

Let's take a look at my MUST have sewing tools for beginners! These tools will help you out and make your life just a little easier. They are GOLD and the perfect addition to anyone's sewing toolbox. Trust me!

1. Sewing Clips

My favorite sewing clips can be found here. 

Instead of needle pins, use these clips to hold your fabric in place. This is exactly what we use to keep each crown's layers together. I love that there are no worries about getting poked and personally, it makes things so much easier! 

I also really like using these to clip shipping labels to orders, mark important papers that need tending to, and more! It's a great multi use tool. 

2. Seam Ripper

This is a great seam ripper here.

This is probably THE BIGGEST must have of the list, a seam ripper. You'll thank me. This little guy does exactly what it says, rips seams but gently! This tool will come in handy when you need to open up seams because something needs to be fixed. You can either do this by picking the seam with the pointer or gliding the tool in between the fabric and pushing it down the seam. You always want to make sure to be careful. Here's a great video I found that shows you how to use a seam ripper. 

3. Heat Erase Pens

The fabric heat erase pens I use. 

Before coming across this amazing invention I was using air soluble markers, which are great too, but these markers won't disappear before your project is finished. To remove the marks, just iron your fabric. Easy! You do want to test a small area of fabric before commiting. 

4. Fabric Scissors

I love these Fiskars scissors but you'll also want larger ones.

You must have a good, sharp pair of fabric scissors! Fabric scissors are not the same as regular scissors and you'll want a nice pair. They'll make cutting fabric go smooth without any snags and pulls. I love using the smaller Fiskars scissors for areas where you need to be a bit more careful and larger, regular sized fabric scissors to cute bigger areas. Rotary cutters are also a wonderful tool to have but you'll need to make sure you also grab a cutting mat! I use a rotary cutter to cut out our sewing patterns more quickly. 

5. Small Embroidery Shears

These cute embroidery ones are great!

These will allow you to get as close to the seam as possible to cut thread and are much easier to use than regular small shears. I must say these are also pretty darn cute! 


All of these must have beginner sewing tools can be found at your local Joann's and maybe even Michael's and Hobby Lobby, however, being a small business I recommend finding a local fabric shop to make your purchase from! I've linked all the tools for you to Amazon for reference. 

I hope you find these tools to be useful in your own sewing toolbox! 

beginner sewing tips and must have sewing tools


Sam Andrews

Hello there. I have several clothing items to alter before my company’s annual dinner next week. Thanks for showing us that seam rippers can make any alteration process a lot easier. Still, I should get some help from a tailor shortly.

Nathaniel Ejeta

Thanks for the information you shared I appreciate your efforts and taking the time and sharing this content.

Shammy Peterson

It sure was interesting when you said that cutting fabrics can go smoothly without any snags and pulls when you use fabric scissors. My mother will surely find this tip helpful because she is interested in visiting a sewing shop to purchase some sewing supplies that she can use. I will ask her to consider your tips to make sure that she will be guided in shopping for the right sewing supplies.

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