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Two years after the House That Lars Built Interview

The House that Lars Built interviewed me for their Becoming Series back in 2021 and as I was reading over it again I thought it would be nice to update a bit!

Not much has changed; I still watch The Walking Dead (while working which my husband thinks is so strange - ha!), listen to 80's rock, and would give the same advice for those who are struggling to just start. But there has been one major change

Something that struck me in the interview was the part that asks about long-term goals and what I hope to accomplish within the next 10 years. 

Here's what I said about my dreams for Flower Lane

"Business wise I have big dreams for Flower Lane and one of those includes moving the business out of our home. We already work with talented individuals in our local community to create these sweet crowns and I would love to see us all together in one space someday. I would also love for my husband to join me full time."

and here's what I said about my personal goals

"Personally, I dream of finding our forever home. A place where we can gather with our children and grandchildren someday, make memories, and hang stockings from the mantle. It’s such a simple goal but I think that’s ultimately what drives me and keeps me inspired."

I can't put into words how grateful I am that we were able to make our personal goal a reality. Flower Lane has changed our life, our children's, and even brought jobs to our local community. Some days it's hard for me to understand the impact it has made and wish I could fully express my gratitude for this journey. 

But what about my business goal?

I still dream of having Flower Lane outside of our home. A space big enough where we can work and dream together but small enough to keep it quaint and inviting. Windows lined with flower boxes, a creaky old door, and a sign that welcomes you to come in and say hi. 

Right now we (the Flower Lane team) are working from our own homes which I believe is such a great way to make your own hours and work around your family's schedule. It's important for me to provide flexibility while at the same time having a process that allows for that to be possible. This is something I want to take with me when we do find that perfect little shop. 

It always feels a little strange for me to talk about accomplishments, goals, and dreams. We've had such amazing support from the beginning and I do think it's important to give you a glimpse of what's happening. I personally love that about small businesses and I hope you do too! 

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