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I'm Sarah, the owner & designer behind Flower Lane. Every crown is handcrafted with care in Maryland, USA, in my in home studio. I believe in celebrating childhood & creating fun new traditions with heirloom quality products in mind.

My children are my inspiration and my husband is my biggest fan. Together we make Flower Lane come alive. 

I grew up in Germany and immigrated to the US when I was 10 years old. I didn't know English and had 3 months to learn the language. Germany will forever be my home, it's where I spent most of my childhood and part of my families lives. I've always been inspired by Waldorf and Montessori education but it's the whimsical feel of Waldorf that has inspired the ideas behind Flower Lane. 

My husband, three children, and I settled down in Maryland 9 years ago and can't imagine leaving behind the amazing community we live in and the house we call our home. We love trips to the coffee shop, good food, and spending time with our chickens; Emily, Betsy, and Annie. 
Flower Lane started with a $20 Facebook Marketplace sewing machine. I taught myself how to sew, read patterns, and even draft my own. I opened an Etsy store selling stroller clips during my 4th pregnancy. Unfortunately our sweet baby is not here with us and why Flower Lane holds such an important piece of my heart. I still love our stroller clips but I quickly learned there were other plans in store for us. After a failed attempt at selling the clips I decided to try and launch birthday crowns. 

The crowns have always been a part of Flower Lane since it opened in August of 2020 but I wanted to hold off until our youngest's birthday in January. I released the crowns in October and sold out the same day. I was shocked! 

Since the release of the crowns I've worked hard on perfecting the design, (making it one size fits all!), choosing quality 100% linen, and growing a community of mothers who share the same idea; celebrating childhood and creating memories that you'll cherish forever. 

We pride ourselves in providing a heirloom quality product that will be used each year for celebrations. A product your children will cherish and keep in their box of memories. When you look at your child's crown I hope it brings back a feeling of nostalgia. 

So glad you're here,
Sarah & Family

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We've been featured on The House That Lars Built Blog, Ministyle Mag, LovelyLuckyLife, Milena Ciciotti.  


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