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10 Father's Day Jokes for Kids to Tell Dad

  1. What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for school?

  2.  What did the baby moose say to his dad on Father's Day?
    Dad, you're a-moosing!

  3. How do you keep a baby cow from waking up their dad?
    Use the mooote button.

  4. What did the Koala give dad for Father's Day?
    A bear hug.

  5. What did the hermit crabs do for Father's Day?
    They shell-abrated dad!

  6. What did the salad say to it's dad?
    Dad, you're so raddish!

  7. What did the grape say to it's dad?
    Dad, you did a grape job raisin me!

  8. What did the banana give it's dad for Father's Day?

  9. Why do dads want to go fishing on Father's Day?
    Because they are hooked!

  10. Why wasn't one Father's Day gift better than the other one?
    It was a tie.

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